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Birthdate:May 24
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
¨I have found myself to feel great enthusiasm and affections towards fictional characters, places, and situations,¨ says the Introvert who affiliates with exactly two other actual living, breathing humans. The two Great real-life-human-friends share no such interest in the aforementioned fictional fun. Into the technological vortex does the lone Introvert spiral, landing in a strange and bizarre land called INTERNET where other fiction-loving fiends frolic and rejoice. A single happy tear was shed.


Basically I geek out alone in rl.

I will be here to beta and occasionally share my own writing (maybe).

I am, also, generally considered to be friendly and non-confrontational, so don't be afraid to ask for my help :)

Interests (35):

(okay, a lot of science fiction, anime, anything where joss is involved), boy's life, bsg, btvs, castiel, coffee, cooking, dean winchester, doctor who, firefly, horror, i own so many books that my bookcase broke, lotr, mystery, nature, nightfall, painting, people watching, ray bradbury, reading, sam winchester, science fiction, sherlock, some of everything, star trek, star wars, supernatural, traveling, true blood, way too many movies to list, wordswordswords, writing
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